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Colin Scott

Colin Scott

Colin is a specialist in both Supply Chain Management and learning in global organisations. He designs, develops and delivers learning solutions in a wide range of sectors around the world. His learning events help businesses improve by focusing on better service, reducing cost and improving sustainability. He is passionate about developing business people to help them improve their customer service and financial returns. Colin has a very pragmatic style and ensures that all of his programmes are relevant to the workplace. He uses his working knowledge to engage the group by sharing real life experience.

Colin is a graduate of Durham University (UK) and Nottingham Business School and is a specialist in business learning. He has a diploma in Logistics, diploma in management studies and is a qualified assessor and coach in individual and team profiling. Colin gained experience from senior commercial and board roles for global companies, ten years hands-on experience in supply chain and has spent the last 15 years in management development.

In his spare time Colin publishes works including the Guide to Supply Chain Management and business school cases studies. He is elected head of his local community council and his charity supports schoolchildren who need help at critical times in their education.

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