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Sean Pomphrett CFPIM CSCP

Sean Pomphrett

Sean is a professional Supply Chain Management Coach and Consultant, specialising in executive training aimed at Supply Chain and Customer Service Excellence through the implementation of appropriate planning and control procedures. Sean currently trains some of the world’s largest manufacturing companies to help them improve.

Sean holds the APICS (American Production and Inventory Control Society) qualifications of Certified Fellow in Production and Inventory Management and Certified Supply Chain Professional.

He is dedicated to improving supply chains, focusing on financial, customer service and operational improvements.

Experience in industry includes a variety of roles in which he undertook planning and operational roles. For over twenty years he has been heavily involved in designing and delivering training programmes to enable supply chain professionals increase their effectiveness through knowledge of “the big picture”, in addition to working with companies to improve their performance in this space through implementing appropriate management procedures.

Latterly he has concentrated on the education activity, providing services to global companies in a wide variety of industries. He has also developed training material for APICS.