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Building a business case


To enable participants to construct or review a robust business case so that return on investment is maximised.

Target Population

People who have to contribute to, write or review business cases in their everyday work.


After this programme participants will be able to:

  • Recognise the five key steps in the decision making process
  • Employ that process in the completion of a business case
  • Evaluate the financial or business implications of a business case
  • Evaluate risk and determine appropriate actions to mitigate and manage that risk
  • Prepare or evaluate the business case using a predetermined set of criteria

Detailed Content

Day One

The five steps in the decision making process

A session to explain the five key steps in the decision making process.

What makes a sound investment?

A session which asks "What factors make a good investment?" relating the questions back to the original providers of capital and their required rate of return on investment.

The contents of a business case

A session which explores the key components of a good business case, which concludes with a checklist of what to include.

Financial evaluation

A session which explains the financial evaluation of a business case; profit or cash, relevant costs and savings, discounted cash flow principle and techniques of application. The participants will complete an exercise where they identify relevant financial costs and savings and perform a full financial analysis.

Non financial cost and benefits

A session based on discussion of intangible cost and benefits and how these can be included in the business case.

Risk identification and mitigation

A session which illustrates the different types of risk associated with a project and how these can be mitigated.

Selection and review

A session which uses a live business case as a basis for review and asks whether the participants would have sanctioned the spend or not.

Action planning

A short workshop to clarify how and where the learning can be applied in the workplace.

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