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Customer Service and S&OP Process


Focusing on internal Customer Service to improve external service and reduce supply chain costs. Best practice business to business Customer Service methodologies are utilised. The course also explores sales and operations planning as a tool to support the balancing process of supply and demand.

Target Population

People engaged in Service transformation projects.


After this programme participants will be able to:

  • Clarify how to develop a Customer Service culture and mindset
  • Explain internal Customer Service best practice
  • Apply world class business to business (B2B) Customer service initiatives
  • Explain how S&OP can be used as a tool to support Customer Service
  • Clarify the Customer service journey
  • Organise the account for success

Detailed Content

Day One

Customer service culture

A session that starts by understanding the key challenges that face businesses today if they are to embark on a service transformation journey. Participants are taught how to view life through the customer’s eyes.

Customer service mindset

A session that compares the key differences between internal and external customer mindset. Leading global companies are contrasted and compared. The service profit chain is used to highlight the financial benefits of improved service.

Customer service professional

A session that looks at values and behaviours required from the entire organisation to achieve service centric thinking. Personnel profiles are developed and key gaps highlighted. The role of emotional intelligence is studied.

The day is concluded with an interactive and fun customer service game.

Day Two

Planning for S&OP

A session that discusses the customer service link to S&OP and how it is a key driver for FMCG service improvements. S&OP challenges are developed along with an understanding of how to overcome these.

Customer Journey

A session where participants map the customer journey from conception through to sustained value realisation. Participants are challenged with providing actions and answers to delight the customer at each stage in the journey.

Customer relationships

A session that explores both macro and micro relationships . Macro relationships are about organising on a multi to multi basis for success. Micro relationships are about understanding the decision making unit of the customer and targeting key relationships with individual value propositions.

Finally key account management techniques are introduced in order to achieve sustainable and consistent relationships.

Action Planning

A short workshop where the participants summarise their key learning’s and identify where they can apply them to their own business.

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