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Essential Marketing Skills


To give your people more confidence and skills in the day-to-day management of their brands.

Target Population

Assistant Brand Managers and Brand Managers who have four years or less in a marketing role.


After this programme participants will be able to:

  • Define what is meant by Brand Management
  • Use consumer insight to aid consumer understanding
  • Use the Marketing Mix more effectively in brand planning
  • Communicate the importance of on-going consistency in the the brand message
  • Identify how to prioritise budget & time resource according to greatest brand & commercial opportunities

Detailed Content

Day One

What is Marketing?

A session which explains the fundamentals of marketing.

Consumer Insight

A session which explains the importance of understanding the true motivations driving consumer attitudes and behaviours and using this to drive brand management decisions.


A session which explains the importance of breaking down markets into manageable segments with consumers who have similar buying needs and behaviours.


A session which helps participants determine where they want to position their brands in the hearts and minds of consumers so driving brand planning decisions.

Day Two

Product Life Cycle

A session which illustrates why it is important to understand where a brand is in its life cycle in order to help in the planning of marketing activities.

Marketing Planning Process

A session built on the previous session which demonstrates a Marketing Planning Process that will ensure that planning is objective and effective decisions concerning planning activities are reached.

Day Three

Buying Process

A session which explores the way that consumers buy and the decisions they take during the process.

Communication Process

A session which builds on the previous session to explore the most effective way to communicate with consumers in order to influence their decisions.

Promotional Mix

A session which explores the pros and cons of the various promotional mix elements in order to help people make more informed decisions when planning promotional spend.

Action planning

A short workshop to clarify how and where the learning can be applied in the workplace.

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