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Your people are continually being asked to make decisions which impact your company’s financial success.

We can provide them with the financial knowledge, the insight and the skills required to potentially change their behaviour and make better business decisions.

Our programmes are developed to focus on the core elements of finance required to meet a particular business need or issue.

These elements are:

  • Identifying what financial success means to the business e.g. EBITDA, ROCE, cash flow, top line growth
  • Using financial terminology and language with confidence so enhancing communication
  • Reading financial reports and statements and using the insight from these to gain new perspectives on business issues and enhance performance
  • Relating operational KPI’s to financial performance measures enabling a link to be made between operational decisions and financial performance
  • Identifying how costs are related to volume, activities and price so enhancing price, cost and product management
  • Writing realistic business plans and budgets to effectively plan, control and motivate
  • Analysing performance and comparing it with expected performance to stimulate actions to correct or exploit the situation
  • Creating robust business cases for investment opportunities

All of our programmes are individually tailored to your specific needs. For some examples of programmes we
run, please see below:

Finance for non finance managers

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Commercial acumen

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Building a business case

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Finance for sales professionals

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