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Finance for sales professionals


To give your sales professionals the skills and confidence to broker profitable sales which maximise profitability and cashflow for the business.

Target Population

Sales professionals who negotiate with customers agreeing prices, discounts or terms and conditions.


After this programme managers will be able to:

  • Communicate more confidently and effectively about financial matters with customers and internal colleagues
  • Understand the content of the financial statements and areas to concentrate on to improve performance
  • Make decisions with greater awareness of the financial implications on profit and cash flow
  • Appreciate the impact of managing working capital on business performance
  • Understand the different concepts of cost and how they are used to support business decisions
  • Understand the impact of their decisions on other areas within the business
  • Assess the impact of various discount deals on gross margin
  • Assess the impact of terms and conditions offered on the business performance
  • Use financial information in discussion with customers to achieve more effective outcomes

Detailed Content

Module One

Day One – Financial Fundamentals

Understanding the financial statements

A session which explains the financial statements and more particularly when to recognise revenue and costs, how the business records profit and what the difference is between profit and cash.

Understanding Profit Levels

A session which analyses the income statement used by the business and the different levels of profit shown throughout. The session will then ask – "What level of profit should we be concentrating on to maximise performance?"

How other Businesses make Money

A session which looks at selected extracts from the financial statements of very different businesses with the aim of deciding which business is which and why. We will then ask - "What do suppliers and customers want out of a business relationship?" in order to understand the perspective of buyers and how this should impact sales strategy.

Business Performance Ratios

A session which shows how business performance can be measured and managed using the hierarchy of ratios. We will look at the key drivers affecting return on investment and explain the measures to concentrate on, which then impact on performance. Specifically we will discuss the need to manage working capital levels and discuss practical ways of doing this.

Competitor Analysis

The day will draw to a close by looking at the performance of some competitors using the techniques from the previous session. We will then ask – "What can we learn from this?"

Day Two – How Sales Professionals can use Finance

Cost Structures and How they affect Decision Making

A session which will explain fixed and variable costs, which will be followed by a demonstration of how an understanding of cost behaviour can influence decision making.

Which Products to Push

A session which looks at maximising contribution but also considers the operational impact of large deals.

The Effect of Promotions

A session which examines the impact of promotions on profitability and the uplift in volume required to address this. It will also consider operational issues which may arise out of volume creating promotions as well as the customer and financial impact. The session will be completed by reviewing some basic principles which should be considered when structuring a discount deal or promotion.

The Impact of Terms and Conditions

A session looking at some of the typical terms and conditions given to customers which considers how these affect overall results. The concept of ‘cost to serve’ will be discussed and participants asked to evaluate some alternative options.

Action planning

A short workshop to clarify how and where the learning can be applied in the workplace.

Interim period

The participants apply their learning back in the workplace based on action planning at the end of module one.

Module Two

Day One – Application of Learning

Fundamentals Review and Quiz

The programme will commence with a quick review of what was covered on Module One using a short quiz to reinforce some basic knowledge within the group.

Customer Profitability

A session consolidating previous learning by looking at the different factors that can impact the profitability of a customer. This will look at five suggestions to improve profitability ranking them in order of effectiveness. We will then ask – "What do your customers value?" This will highlight potentially negotiable items which will improve performance.

Using Finance in Customer Negotiations

A role play session in which partcipants will negotiate a deal with a customer, they are asked to look at price, volumes, discounts, terms and conditions and to consider the impact on the operation.

Action planning

A short workshop to clarify how and where the learning can be applied in the workplace.

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