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Managing Logistics Operations


To help support skills and knowledge for the key Logistics functions, including distribution, transportation and warehousing.

Target Population

Logistics, transport and warehouse operators. Also managers without any formal training would benefit as would managers of third party suppliers.


After this programme participants will be able to:

  • Clarify network models, transport, warehouses and 3PL operations
  • Explain Logistics components in particular:
  • Distribution networks
  • Transport operations
  • Warehouse operations
  • 3PL operations

Detailed Content

Day 1

What is Logistics?

A session exploring the components of logistics and how they interrelate. This involves a network planning session that exposes the trade offs between, transport, warehousing, inventory, service and cost.

Why is Logistics important?

A session that clarifies how Logistics can provide a competitive advantage and support corporate financial performance. The session uses case study examples and current trends in Logistics. During these sessions the participants will work on a virtual case study that simulates a business with a Logistics improvement requirement.

Day 2

Distribution networks

A session that covers facility location and trade offs. Participants use centre of gravity modelling techniques and apply the cost versus service trade offs with facility number.

Transport operations

A session where participants model a transport operation in the case study and optimise it using the transport planning model.

Warehouse operations

A session in where the participants model and optimise a warehouse from the case study using the Warehouse planning model.

3PL operations and Inventory

A session asking the participants to use the case study to redesign the high level network and look at strategic options for transport, warehousing using 3PL outsourcing.

Action Planning

A session where the participants summarise their key learning’s and identify where they can apply them to their own business.

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