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Marketing Planning


To give your managers the skills and knowledge to effectively plan both the strategic and tactical development of brands.

Target Population

Brand Managers and Marketing Managers who have to make both strategic and tactical brand decisions.


After this programme managers will be able to:

  • Define what is meant by Marketing Planning
  • Perform an external analysis of their market environment, competitors and consumers to use in the Marketing Planning Process
  • Perform an internal analysis of their brands and company capabilities to use in the Marketing Planning Process
  • Construct robust Marketing Plans for both the short and long term

Detailed Content

Day One

Marketing Planning Definition

What is Marketing Planning and what is its purpose?

Situational Analysis

A session which explains key tools to use for both external and internal analysis, participants then use these tools to explore their own market and business environments.

Brand Objectives

A session which explains the role of Brand Objectives and demonstrates how to develop a clear set of brand priorities targeting key consumer segments.

Day Two

Brand Strategies

A session which relates the relative role of each element of the Marketing Mix in achieving Brand Objectives.

Brand Activities

By understanding the role of different elements of the Marketing Mix the session asks - What levers can we pull to deliver our Brand Strategies?

Measurement and Evaluation

A session which illustrates the importance of monitoring Marketing Plans to ensure they are creating maximum effectiveness.

Action planning

A short workshop to clarify how and where the learning can be applied in the workplace.

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