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The Procurement Cycle


This course examines, the procurement process in detail, from determining the users' or customers' needs and requirements, through to reviewing the performance of suppliers and the procurement function.

Target Population

Procurement specialists, Sourcing Managers, Supplier Managers and Category Managers.


After this programme participants will be able to:

  • Explain each of the eleven steps of the procurement cycle
  • Clarify the connections between each step
  • Determine how to engage with the cycle stakeholders

Detailed Content

Each session covers a step, what it is, why it is important and how it works. It looks at how it links to the adjacent steps and what people connections and skills are required.

Day One - The pre-order steps

Needs and Specifications

A session that explores purchase requisitions, forecasts, customer orders and new product development. It then covers the inventory system triggers from reorder point systems and stock checking.

Sourcing, Enquiry and Evaluating,

A session that investigates how potential suppliers are sourced, important information criteria used, supplier visit requirements and past performance are appraised. It considers how to implement contracts, supplier agreements, the legal aspects of contracts and issues handling contracts and partnerships.

Day Two - The post order steps

The Role of negotiations

An interactive role play session that involves request for proposal, negotiation and supplier selection.

Order, Progressing, Delivery, Pay

A session examining the methods used to transmit purchase requirements, expedite orders and shorten the order cycle.


A session identifying improvement opportunities or supplier non-performance. Key performance indicators, tools and techniques for improving performance are explored.

Action Planning

A session where the participants summarise their key learning’s and identify where they can apply them to their own business.

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