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Supply Chain Discovery


To help participants identify, clarify and analyse supply chain concepts to enable them to evaluate the impact of their decisions.

Target Population

Any discipline who need to understand their business’ supply chain.


After the programme participants will be able to:

  • Identify the key elements of the end to end supply chain
  • Map and analyse supply chains
  • Engage business stakeholders in supply chain conversations comfortably and with confidence
  • Expose the high level opportunities for improvements in the supply chain

Detailed Content

Day One

Identify the key elements of the end to end supply chain

A session which is focused on running a supply chain game. The supply chain game is a highly interactive simulation that brings out the key elements of the end to end supply chain. It is run early in the course so the main concepts can be analysed in greater detail as the programme progresses.

Map and analyse supply chains

A session where the participants have to map a supply chain. This is debriefed with high level analysis and a consideration of how participants can add value to the business through better management of the supply chain.

What are supply chains?

A session which builds on the previous mapping session and defines the supply chain in more detail.

Why have supply chains become important?

A session which uses world class supply chain case studies to demonstrate the importance of supply chains in gaining competitive advantage. A plenary discussion links the lessons learnt from the case study to the participants own supply chain.

How do supply chains work?

A session which illustrates how supply chains work and how successful supply chain strategies link directly to business strategy.

Day Two

The impact of supply chain on the financial statements and ROCE

A session which explains how the supply chain impacts the profit, assets, working capital and return on capital employed. Then the levers which can be managed to improve these are introduced.

Expose the high level opportunities for improvement in supply chains

A session which describes the core supply chain tools to help identify improvements in a supply chain. This includes lean and agile analysis and theory on the four drivers of supply chain performance:

  • Transport
  • Facilities
  • Inventory
  • Information

Action Planning – The six supply chain levers

A wrap up session where participants are asked to look at the six supply chain levers that their own business can use to deliver higher return on capital.

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