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Supply Chain & Logistics

Supply chain and logistics activities play a critical role in the success of a business. They impact on both the profitability of the business and the amount of capital invested.

We can provide your people from all disciplines, with the essential skills, knowledge and insight to lead, manage and improve this key area of the business.

Our programmes are developed to focus on the core elements of managing supply chains and logistics to meet a particular business need or issue.

These elements are:

Supply Chain

  • Understanding how the supply chain works; identifying the benefits of end to end supply chain thinking
  • Improving supply chains by using the four performance drivers: inventory, information, transport and facilities


  • Learning how customer management and service can help configure the best supply chains to satisfy demand
  • Improving sales performance leadership to grow revenue


  • Explaining planning activities to clarify how demand planning, supply planning and S&OP work in businesses
  • Improving inventory management to reduce capital invested in the business


  • Explaining the procurement cycle to assist in aligning procurement activities
  • Demonstrating best practice procurement skills


  • Explaining the production planning process by clarifying stages of production and the balance between demand, capacity and inventory
  • Applying the key manufacturing tools e.g. MRP, CP and RCCP


  • Improving distribution operations by analysing distribution strategies, tactics and intermodal operations
  • Optimising transport and warehouse operations


  • Explaining factors to consider when evaluating options to outsource specific activities
  • Minimising risks by better management of outsourced activities

All of our programmes are individually tailored to your specific needs. For some examples of programmes we
run, please see below:

Supply Chain Discovery

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Customer Service and
S&OP Process

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Inventory Techniques

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The Procurement Cycle

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Managing Logistics Operations

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