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Carlsberg's Supply Chain Academy Director

What is it like working with Grange Partnership from a relationship point of view?

On the Customer Relationship Management side, I really enjoy working with Grange Partnership as they have structure to the process, but not too much and can personalise when required. You make it easy to deal with you.

What is the approach to designing and developing learning programmes?

Grange Partnership get the balance right between taking the burden away from us, whilst equally making sure the materials they developed are ‘painted our colour’.

How about running actual events, delivering workshops and classroom sessions?

Clearly, within the classroom it is 10 out of 10! Their experience of running events delivers great advocates within the business. Their attention to the detail is fantastic, whilst being flexible enough to improvise when required to our business needs.

They have a ‘thinly sliced agenda’ – by this I mean they use various different learning styles throughout any programme, to best maximise the delegate participation and interest.

OK, so the programmes are enjoyable and score highly – but do they deliver real business results?

Yes, the importance they give to the On the Job Assignments and support throughout the process is impressive. We can calculate the return on investment of this training.

Finally, would you recommend them going forward?

Yes, absolutely without doubt.

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