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Diageo's Supply Chain Excellence Director

Have the learning events you’ve been involved in with Grange Partnership given a return on investment (ROI) to your business so far and is this near your expectation/target?

The training that Grange has been undertaking globally with us is part of an overall program in the Logistics area and has been a great success

Without giving away any too sensitive information is there a rough figure for this ROI (in £ or % of target) and the ‘size of the prize’?

The publically stated sum that his program will deliver is 10% of our overall spend and this is being achieved

OK, so the programmes are enjoyable and score highly but are there other intangible benefits rather than pure $’s for your people?

Overall higher performance of the Logistics part of our supply chain as well as better relationships with our 3PL’s

Can you clarify what functional area and geography the learning events were covering and if the delivery was seamless/same quality in each location?

Logistics in Europe, North America, Europe, West Africa, East Africa, Australia, South East Asia

Your people are from all over the world, different cultures, how did they relate to working with Grange?

The trainers clearly had experience and understanding of the different cultures and were very effective

Finally, would you recommend them going forward?

I certainly would

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