Training and Learning approach

We have a team of experienced Learning specialists and trainers who work within our three focus areas.

Grange Partnership learning platform.

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All our learning solutions follow the Grange Partnership seven step process, please explore each step below:


Learning Needs Analysis

We use selected techniques to identify your needs, the issues facing your business and the key objectives for the learning event. This is summarised in a Preliminary Learning Brief.


Our design takes into account how your people like to learn, face to face, blended or virtual. Whatever method is agreed, we always concentrate on how participants can take that learning back into the workplace to maximise benefit for business. All designs aim to satisfy the four key learning styles:


We draw upon a bank of our own up to date learning material including simulations and access to external Business School cases. We tailor all our programmes using client material. Our experience has shown that clients who invest in this upfront development experience greater transference of the learning to their business.


Our team foster a challenging but safe environment in which participants can explore and develop their learning. Accelerated learning techniques, interactive examples and simulations are used to improve learning and retention.

Learning Transfer

We believe that the key to maximising the benefit from the learning is enabling participants to implement what they have learned upon returning to work. We therefore include learning transfer as an integral part of all of our programmes and offer our Return on Investment process.

Learning Evaluation

As clients become more concerned with the Return on Investment on learning and development expenditure, we have developed a toolkit to help quantify the benefits of our programmes. The methods used can range from a basic questionnaire to post programme value capture and impact.

Continuous Improvement

Feedback from our programmes is used to continually develop and improve. After any learning event we collate the feedback. We then provide a report showing what went well and what we think can be improved, this is then incorporated in the design of the programme ready for the next event. We stay in contact with our clients on an ongoing basis to ensure any changes being experienced in the business are incorporated into our material.

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