How did you first get to know Grange Partnership?

I was first introduced to Grange Partnership by our colleagues working in the Supply Chain Academy. In the beginning, I had some reservations as we were working with another training partnership on a different project. So it wasn’t love at first sight. Now, two years later, I am more than satisfied with Grange Partnership as our training provider for the Customer Service Skills Programme, and despite my initial hesitation, I have no regrets of having entered this collaboration!

What were the reasons for inviting Grange Partnership to become a training provider with Unilever?

After the implementation of our new Supply Chain organisation, we had this idea to send our Customer Service professionals on a learning journey in the area of Customer Service Excellence. From the beginning, we wanted to roll this out on a Global basis so we asked the Supply Chain Academy for support. We needed a training provider that had the skills, insights and capacity to design and roll out a programme for about 2,000 people worldwide, and to deliver the workshops in local languages. We soon found Grange Partnership who covered all of these areas of excellence.

When setting up and rolling out CSSP, which aspects did you particularly enjoy about working with Grange Partnership?

When we first met with Grange Partnership, we quickly developed a level of intimacy and common understanding. It helped that some of the partners and trainers had worked with Unilever previously and all of them quickly got fluent in using our approaches and company-specific language.

I really enjoyed the pilot we ran prior to the roll out in Barcelona. This was a great way to confirm the concept and to get all Customer Service Directors involved. The feedback session showed it was very successful, and we now had a great process in place to get everyone on board. Hence, we successfully managed to roll the programme out to over 500 customer service professionals in Europe, and Asia is next.

What value has Grange Partnership added to your organisation?

This programme has had a huge impact on customer service mindset and building teams. This is visible in two of our most important KPIs: On shelf availability (OSA) and Customer Case Fill On Time (CCFOT). We have confirmed that the investment was worth it, and this is only the beginning.

Going forward, what would you like to see “more of” in relation to Grange Partnership and its collaboration with Unilever?

If Grange Partnership are the best supplier equipped to help Unilever in the future, we are happy to continue working with them. We want our Customer Service professionals to keep doing what they are doing: getting more professional and to grow in the organisation. We are here to support them and e-learning, workshops and the Institute of Customer Service accreditation will help. For next year, we would welcome a refresher workshop that includes some next generation thinking on Customer Service Excellence!

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